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Alaskan Maki Roll

BD3.500 inc. VAT
smoked salmon - sushi rice - crab stick - cream cheese sc - dill leaves - cucumber - avocado

Calories 380.6 -Fat 9.4 -Carbs 49 -Protein 25 

Black Beef Rice Bowl

BD2.900 inc. VAT

Beef tenderloin, spring onion and Asian special sauce.

Calories: 396, fat: 16, carbs: 34, protein: 29.

Chicken Biryani

BD2.800 inc. VAT

Chicken Breast Biryani Rice Saffron Cashew Nut Mint Leaves Red Onion

Amount Per Serving Calories 394.4 Total Fat 9.6 grams Total Carbohydrates 48 grams (without bread) Protein 29 grams

Chicken Cashew with Saffron Rice

BD2.700 inc. VAT

Saffron Rice Cashew Nut Chicken Breast Mix Spices

Calories 399 Total Fat13.78g Total Carbohydrate 49.6g Protein19.42g

Chicken Cheese Sushi

BD3.500 inc. VAT

sushi rice, chicken, cheddar cheese, cream, cucumber and avocado

Calories 350.2, fat 10.2, carbs 43.6, protein 21.

Chicken Risotto

BD2.900 inc. VAT

Chicken breast, Parmesan cheese, rice, olive oil and fresh thyme.

389 Calories, 9 fats, 48 carbs and 29 protein.

Dragon Roll

BD4.000 inc. VAT

Shrimp, crab sticks, avocado, cucumber, mayonnaise and tonkatsu sauce.

Calories: 390, fat: 21, carbs: 39, protein: 15.

Grilled Salmon Plate

BD4.000 inc. VAT

Salmon and zucchini.

Calories: 381 , fat: 13, carbs: 37. , protein: 29.

Lemon Fusilli Chicken

BD2.700 inc. VAT
Chicken breast, fusilli pasta, heavy cream, pine nut, baby rockets and lemon juice. Calories: 304.6, fat: 7. 8, carbs: 29. 27, protein: 29. 33.

Lemon Rice with Hammour Fillet

BD3.600 inc. VAT

Lemon Yellow Rice, cilantro lime sauce

Calories 391.2, fat 13.9, carbs 39.5, protein 25.6

Mexican Healthy Wrap

BD2.400 inc. VAT

Chicken, avocado, mango, sweet corn, yogurt sauce, coleslaw

Calories 347.6, fat 8.4g, carbs 40g and protein 28g

Mexican suchoz

BD3.500 inc. VAT

beef - cheese sauce- guacamole- pico de galo

Calories 353.4 , fat 8.6, carbs 49, protein 20